Month: May 2010

SP2010: Creating a mixed mode login page for claims based authentication

In SharePoint 2010, claims based authentication provides us with a way of dealing with multiple sorts of authentication in one site. Where in the older SharePoint versions you needed to create a new site for each authentication method (Windows, Forms), you can now use both at the same time. This means all users are visiting

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Creating secured BCS objects with BCS Meta Man

We started using BCS in SP2010 to create External Content Types. This is really a powerfull system, and a huge improvement on the ‘old’ BDC approach. For a project, I needed something more then just a BCS layer to get all the data. Data is being fetched from a 3rd party backend system in which

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The big 2010 launch event is near!

Although I won’t be attending (neither in reallife nor online) due to a wedding, I thought I’d just remind you all of the upcoming show from Microsoft. Next week, the 12th of may, Microsoft will be launching Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, Project 2010 and Visio 2010 out into the open. I’m very excited, cause I’ve

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