Month: January 2011

Welcome to my new 2011 blog!

Following up on, welcome to the new location of my blog! I moved my blog to my personal webspace. Needed to install some plugins and you cannot do that for a site. So in 2011 my blog will remain to exist at: I’ve exported / imported all posts so nothing is lost.

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SP2010: December cumulative update

I guess some Microsoft employees we’re still busy ending the year 2010. On december 31, the latest cumulative update was released for SharePoint 2010. There are lot’s of bugfixes in it once more, but this time one of mine is included! I posted this quite a while back on the MSDN forums: The bug

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My blog in 2010

Great service at WordPress! I received an e-mail with my blog stats for 2010. I wanted to share those with you, since my readers are responsible for those stats 🙂 For 2011, I intend to up the number of articles and content, because I’ve labeled 2011 as my SharePoint year. SharePoint 2010 will get more

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