Month: December 2013

Things Windows should have

I’ve been using Windows 8.1 for quite a while now (since the beta), and I like still it very much. I’ve expanded my Windows landscape with a Surface tablet, and already had a Windows Phone (two, actually). The fact that the same OS runs on all is a cool thing which makes adopting it easier.

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SP: Network shares and printers in SharePoint using Page viewer web part

A question asked oftenly by customers is: “I still have documents on network shares, how can I show those in SharePoint?”. The reasons why they do not want to move files to SharePoint can vary. Note that I used documents in the question and files in my previous sentence, since a file doesn’t have to

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Column: God of the road

Voor mijn baan zat ik het afgelopen jaar vrij veel in de auto. Op zich heb ik daar, op de vervelende files na dan, helemaal geen probleem mee. Sterker nog, zo’n ritje is soms wel fijn om je gedachten weer even op nul te zetten. Radio of Spotify aan, lekker meeblèren, heerlijk! Toch kan autorijden

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