Month: September 2015

[O365] SharePoint Search dropdown refiner template

In my previous O365 post, I showed how you can make use of jQuery and jQuery UI to make a search refiner filter template that supports autocomplete on the “other” textbox shown in a multivalued dropdown. With that idea in mind, I imagined it would be pretty easy to use the same concept to create

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[O365] Autocomplete on taxonomy refiners

For a customer project I’m on we’re making use of search to surface pages stored in SharePoint Online. On a predefined search results page, refiners make it easier for users to get to the page they are searching for. Refiners are linked to managed search properties and those are linked to crawled properties. In this

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[O365] Parallel processing and CSOM; friends or foes?

In the project I’ve been working on the last few months, we had to import some list items and file into SharePoint coming from a legacy application which is being replaced by SharePoint Online. There is plenty of guidance available on how to do this, it boils down to using the CSOM API’s to upload

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