Month: May 2020

[Azure] News for Developers, the readme!

I’ve been keeping up my Azure News for Developers series on my blog for quite some time now. And even though each post contains a little introduction, I thought it might be nice to include a separate post to detail what you can expect from this series. I started writing these blogs mainly to force

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[Office365] Outlook keeps asking for credentials, network-style

Please note that the solution below¬†might not apply to your situation, as there are a multitude of reasons why Outlook might keep prompting you for credentials. But I’ve found the following to work for to separate organizations now so I though it would be worth sharing. The issue is caused by Microsoft rolling out new

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[Azure] News for Developers, April 2020

Are you having trouble keeping track of everything that’s going around in Azure? You’re not alone! In an effort to do so myself, I’m starting a monthly series called “News for developers” which is exactly that: a summary of all of the Azure flavored news specifically for software developers. This is based on my personal

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