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Things Windows Phone should have

This post of mine is an oldie from back in 2013 when Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 were still fresh and hip. We’ve moved on and I really like Windows 10 up to now. I’ve been a Windows Insider since February 2014 so I’ve got some mileage running the latest insider builds on my ultrabook. Reactions are

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Surface not just yet

Sooner as I expected, Microsoft is launching surface for the whole world to be seen. But it’s not going as fast as they’d like it to go. I’m wondering how soon we’ll actually see one, I’m reading things about 2000 orders in over 50 countries. That’s 40 per country on average, and that’s not so

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New Microsoft Surface video

Most of you will have seen Surface by now. Surface is a multi-touch display built into a table with very nice user interaction. I really dig new types of intuitive interfaces and this definitely is one of those. I found a new (it’s not brand new, but I didn’t see it before) video on YouTube

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