Month: October 2015

[O365] My thoughts from Unity Connect 2015

These last few years I made it a habit to visit TCFKASPC: The Conference Formerly Known As SharePoint Connections. This year it was relabeled Unity Connect after the IT Unity initiative founded by Dan Holme and others. I think two days of conference is a good way of submerging yourself into the latest and greatest,

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[SP2013] Loading indicator images

Just for my own reference, here is a list of loading indicator images you can use from the _layouts folder. Why there are more than one and they all look different is a very good question by the way, Microsoft should really spend a little bit of time to ensure these become consistent once and

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[SP2013] OpenSearch “access is denied” for authenticated sources

OpenSearch is a search protocol which can be used in SharePoint to query systems other than SharePoint iself. You can find OpenSearch when configuring a new search result source. One of the most common examples is displaying Bing search results within SharePoint. You can find a great post on that topic by Jasper Oosterveld here.

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