Month: April 2016

[IoT] Stream Analytics reference data updates

If you’ve read my post on Azure Stream Analytics, you’ve seen how you can configure a reference data blob to be used to compare incoming IoT data with certain thresholds. The reference data is stored in Azure blob storage, within a certain structure of folders. Now what about updating that file? I found that updates

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[IoT] Enabling Windows IoT Remote Server on Raspberry Pi

If you have Windows IoT running on your Raspberry Pi and like me you’re a Windows Insider running a recent insider build (in my caseĀ 10.0.14295.1000), you might have noticed the “Remote” option in the UI. This allows you to enable a simple version of “Remote Desktop”-like functionality. In my case, clicking the checkbox in the

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[IoT] Aquarium monitor; the Azure notification hub

Hey there! Welcome back again to post #7 in my Internet of Things aquarium monitor series. In this series I’m explaining how to use Windows 10 IoT and Azure to read out sensor data, process it and act on it. And that “act on it” part is what we’ll take a look at in this

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