[IoT] Enabling Windows IoT Remote Server on Raspberry Pi

If you have Windows IoT running on your Raspberry Pi and like me you’re a Windows Insider running a recent insider build (in my case 10.0.14295.1000), you might have noticed the “Remote” option in the UI. This allows you to enable a simple version of “Remote Desktop”-like functionality.

In my case, clicking the checkbox in the UI would give me the following error:
“Failed to enable Windows IOT Remote Server”

Great, that’s real helpful. So I went out to find more information and posted this thread on the MSDN forums.  After some back and forth messages, a Microsoft employee by the nickname of IoTGirl came with a solution! 

To check the status of the Remote server, open up a new Powershell session to your device. Then execute the following command:

schtasks /query /tn \Microsoft\Windows\NanoRDP\Start /fo csv /nh

In my case, this would give me an error which is basically a sign that the task doesn’t exist. So we’ll create it:

schtasks /Create /SC ONSTART /TN \Microsoft\Windows\NanoRDP\Start /TR %SystemRoot%\\System32\\NanoRDPServer.exe /RU DefaultAccount /F

This creates a scheduled task set to run on boot. The server is not yet running at this point, for this we’ll execute the task manually:

schtasks /Run /TN \Microsoft\Windows\NanoRDP\Start

And if all is well, the server should now start and you’ll be able to connect (download the Windows IoT Remote Client app from the store to connect, normal RDP doesn’t work). Awesome stuff!


Should you want to delete the task again:

schtasks /Delete /TN \Microsoft\Windows\NanoRDP\Start /F


Which is cool, but note that now that you’ve got the job fixed, the UI also is coming alive. So you could now just use the checkbox to enable/disable the task instead:


Happy remoting!


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