Month: July 2014

[#SP2013] Host named site collections, ADFS claims and AAM

In my previous blog post I wrote about host named site collections in SharePoint 2013. As this is the recommended way to go according to Microsoft, you should definitely consider it for new SharePoint deployments. But with these URL’s bound to your site collections, you can get into trouble quickly. It’s important to get a

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[SP2013] Host named site collections

With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft claims we need to rethink our architecture. Host named site collections are the way to go, and preferably all within the same web application. But what are host named site collections and what do we need to take into account when setting this up? Update. Check out part 2, detailing how to

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[SP2013] Loading scripts using RequireJS

In my previous blogpost I wrote about loading JavaScript files in a SharePoint app. I noted that the order of loading is important and that you can use jQuery to dynamically load the scripts. I also stated that my solution probably was not the prettiest one out there, which was a true fact. Well, here

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