Month: April 2015

[O365] SharePoint Content Search webpart is not being indexed

Thinking of a title for this post, I wanted to start with “Inconvenient” because that pretty much describes the essence. Inconveniently enough that trademark has already been claimed by an MVP you might know if you ever search for anything SharePoint related (shout out to Waldek!). Anyways, as inconvenient as this all is, let’s get

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[O365] Some tagging field(s) could not be found

I ran into a stubborn error message trying to connect to a catalog list defined on another site collection. The error was: Some tagging field(s) “owstaxidSector,owstaxidRegion,owstaxidProductx0020Class,” in the shared catalog could not be found in search schema. Now when I checked the catalog site search schema (can be found under Site Settings -> Search ->

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[O365] Enable document ID and set prefix via CSOM

Ok, I agree I’m late to the party introducing the [O365] tag in the title of this post. And I’ve got quite some blogposts already which also apply to Office 365.┬áBut to emphasize there is little difference in using CSOM either on premises or online, I thought this would be a good time to switch.

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