[Azure] News for Developers, the readme!

I’ve been keeping up my Azure News for Developers series on my blog for quite some time now. And even though each post contains a little introduction, I thought it might be nice to include a separate post to detail what you can expect from this series.

I started writing these blogs mainly to force myself to keep up with things. There’s a lot going on in the Azure space each week (well each day probably) and sometimes it’s easy so miss out on stuff. So I devised this method for myself mainly, and why not share it so that others can benefit as well? So first thing to know is that I’m writing these posts out of my own personal perspective, although I do try to not have that interfere with picking the right news items to include.

So how do I decide what’s in and what’s not? Here goes:

  • I curate each post myself, manually. So there series are not automatically generated posts like there are a lot
  • The news items will be interesting for developers. So things more towards infrastructure or specialist roles like AI and big data will usually not make the cut. Sometimes there’s news that might be interesting for developers as well, in which case I try to determine if “a large part” of my target audience would benefit from reading about this news.
  • The new features I list are mostly things that are generally available, I normally exclude features in preview. This is because not everyone might be able to use these features and these features are not to be used in production scenarios yet. So if you want the really cutting edge stuff you should probably not solely rely on my updates.
  • I summarize all the news by keeping track of some Microsoft curated news feeds. I try to paint the full picture, but I might miss a thing or two. And sometimes, especially around the big conferences, there’s just too much to summarize in one post.
  • There will probably be occasions in which I omit news that you find interesting, or include things that you do not care about. That’s a given. If you should not like that, I always try to include all of the feeds I used so you’re of course free to follow those yourself 🙂

So that’s a little sneak peak behind the scenes! A new post is coming up in 5 days, packed with news from the online Build conference. Hope you enjoy!


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