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[IoT] Aquarium monitor; Azure Stream Analytics

Things are progressing well in my quest to create an Azure connected aquarium monitor! This is post #4 in my blog series about the subject. In the previous post¬†we ended up sending messages with measurements to an Azure IoT hub. In this post we’ll take a look at what happens next, since we’re not actually

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[IoT] Aquarium monitor; Raspberry & Azure IoT hub

Hi there! This is post #3 in my Aquarium monitor series. In the previous post I showed how I linked some sensors to my Arduino Nano and coupled that with a Raspberry Pi 2 via I2C. However, I didn’t yet show you how you can now get the data that the Arduino is sending. We’ll

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[IoT] My steps to an aquarium monitor (index)

Happy new year everyone! A new year, time for some new things! Somewhere back in 2015 I decided to buy a couple of Raspberry Pi’s, two¬†Arduino nano devices and some other IoT stuff (sensors, cables, etc). The goal I have is to build a device which can monitor my fish tank, keeping track of things

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