[SP20xx] Are you keeping up (part 1)?

It’s never a bad thing to look at what’s coming. This future peeking seems to be hot in the SharePoint world, with guys like Dan HolmeBenjamin Niaulin and Daniel McPherson giving their take on what’s in store for us. Interesting views which of course always include things like cloud, mobile devices and new ways of working for your end users, whatever generation you want to call them.

In my day-to-day work though, I am still mostly involved with enterprise grade customers who might be thinking about that stuff, considering it, but most definitely they’re not there yet. On the contrary; they have a long way to go. So I wanted to write this post to give an overview of things those companies can do today with their current landscape, in order to prepare for that future. And do not worry: the conclusion will not include you writing apps from now on.

In this n-part blog series, I’ll discuss some of the ‘hot topics’ and my views on what choices enterprise grade companies need to make.

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