[O365] Migrating InfoPath forms to Office 365

For a client, we’re currently migrating a lot of their existing on-premises SharePoint 2007 and 2010 solutions to Office 365. All of these are customized (the easy work has been done already), so that sort of guarantees running into stuff that is not Office 365 – ready. One category of items are InfoPath forms and I noticed there’a quit a lack of blog posts on this topic so I thought I’d try to fill that gap a bit.

For those not aware; Microsoft has officially said InfoPath doesn’t have a future. Even though they recently¬†extended support for it, you can assume that there will not be any further improvements / updates to the product. Best evidence of this is the Infopath team at Microsoft being non-existent (at the moment). Still, instead of finding a different solution, you can very well port your existing forms to Office 365 (to some extent, more about that below). That might be worth while until Microsoft announces an official roadmap for forms in SharePoint / Office 365.

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Providing InfoPath form views for new / edit / display

I never really looked into InfoPath untill SharePoint 2010 arrived. With 2010, customizing your item forms becomes a lot easier to do in combination with InfoPath. Yes, most of this was also possible with 2007, but the way to get there was a bit more complicated.

Here’s some steps you can take if you want to provide three different InfoPath forms for adding / editing and displaying your list item: Read More