[O365] Synced security group member without permissions in SharePoint

Had a strange thing happen at my client yesterday. We were working on an Office365 set-up and had created some AD security groups in order to have reusable permission groups across a bunch of SharePoint site collections. We missed one person in the org due to which she was not able to access a site she was supposed to have permissions to. So we added here, but still she couldn’t access the site… weird…

TL/DR version: rebooting the machine fixed the problem. If your first response is: “huh?”, read on…

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[SPO] Creating a ‘modern’ homepage on an old team site

If you’re an Office365 user, you will probably have noticed by now that the new look & feel dubbed ‘modern’ (which is a stupid name, but aight…) is slowly but steadily making it’s way into more and more parts of the overall experience. I like the modern look. It’s crispy fresh, more in-line with modern UI’s like Googles Material and Microsofts Metro Modern UI. As an added benefit, the new look should play well with the SharePoint mobile app, bringing responsive design to the table so pages remain usable on mobile devices.

But what about legacy sites?

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[O365] Deploying a SharePoint theme / branding using JavaScript only

With provider hosted add-ins being introduced in SharePoint 2013, the world of SharePoint devs shifted to using provisioning schemes to get their stuff in SharePoint sites. And this worked, quite well i might add. You might have read my post on SPMeta2 vs PnP (which is a bit outdated I must add). These provisioning engines allow your to provision “stuff” (files, folders, lists, contenttypes, whatever) to SharePoint. Amongst other things, they have one thing in common: they’re built on top of the CSOM (Client Side Object Model) C# SDK. This means that you are forced to run them as a stand-alone task, or deploy a provider hosted app which includes having a server up and running somewhere. So what if you do not want that?  Read More

[O365] SharePoint Content Search webpart is not being indexed

Thinking of a title for this post, I wanted to start with “Inconvenient” because that pretty much describes the essence. Inconveniently enough that trademark has already been claimed by an MVP you might know if you ever search for anything SharePoint related (shout out to Waldek!). Anyways, as inconvenient as this all is, let’s get started. Read More

SP2010: Delegate control for GlobalSiteLink3 not working / showing

I spent quite some time today on a question I was asked. In an existing solution, we added a custom action (button) to the standard menu (the dropdown menu on your account name in the right upper corner of a site). This button was a “Add site to favorites” custom solution. The request was: can we move that button to the same place the default “I Like it” and “Tags & Notes” buttons are? I didn’t think that this would be such a problem. But I was wrong due to my good friend: the Sandbox. Read More