[O365] Getting started with yo office for hardcore C# devs [part 2]

My previous tech blog covered the use the of the Yeoman generator for creating Office add-ins, specifically add-ins which can be used within Office365 and the Office client applications. This left you with a vanilla sample application which doesn’t do much yet. In this post, I will explain how to implement such an add-in, leveraging the ADAL library for connecting to Office 365 API’s from within your single-page Angular application.

Note: just after releasing this post, a new version of the Yeoman generator was published. Therefore it could be some of the screenshots / samples are not completely accurate. I you run into this, please leave a comment! 

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[O365] Debugging Office add-ins

In my previous posts I wrote about creating an office add-in using the Yeoman generator and my first add-in using Yo Office. Now as long as everything just works, these samples are doable. But when things start to go wrong, you can lose quit some time finding your way in the wonderfull world of add-ins.

This post wil list some of the “crap, now what?” situations I encountered and how to solve them. It’s not said you’ll run into each of them, but maybe this will help a few (my future self included). Read More

[O365] Getting started with yo office for hardcore C# devs

I’ll immediately admit that I’m a Microsoftie. 100%. I have Visual Studio installed, feel at home in C# and get a rash sometimes from dealing with JavaScript nonsense. But let’s be honest, unless you’re not doing ANYTHING with the web it’s almost impossible to ignore trending technologies like nodejs, angular and all of the other frameworks that live online. And because I don’t want to be the ignorant fool who has a lot of catching up to do in a couple of years time, I thought I’d give it a go on a stormy Monday evening.  Read More

[O365] My thoughts from Unity Connect 2015

These last few years I made it a habit to visit TCFKASPC: The Conference Formerly Known As SharePoint Connections. This year it was relabeled Unity Connect after the IT Unity initiative founded by Dan Holme and others. I think two days of conference is a good way of submerging yourself into the latest and greatest, catching up with the stuff you normally might not have the time for. This year, the line-up was as good as it gets with SharePoint and Office365 superstars like Jeremy Thake, Andrew Connell, Mickael Svenson, Scot Hillier, Mathias Einig and many more.

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[O365] Parallel processing and CSOM; friends or foes?

In the project I’ve been working on the last few months, we had to import some list items and file into SharePoint coming from a legacy application which is being replaced by SharePoint Online. There is plenty of guidance available on how to do this, it boils down to using the CSOM API’s to upload documents and create list items, set metadata, etcetera. But when volumes start growing, so does the pain because these actions are usually not that fast. So whilst your process is waiting on a file to be uploaded, why not do something in the meantime? Well you can with some parallel programming magic and it isn’t even that hard, but there are some caveats you need to take into account.

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