Versioncontrol & Inconsistent filesizes

It’s been a while since my last blogpost. That’s primarily beacuse I’m doing a lot of non-web work at the moment so there’s not too much to blog about.

But now I received a question from a customer which I cannot answer. It seems SharePoint’s file saving functionality is a bit inconsistent when version control is turned on. This is quite easily reproducable in any document library. Take the following steps:

– Create a new document library which has version control turned on
– Upload an empty word document, I didn’t check but I think this will work on any type of document
– Now upload the word document again to overwrite version 1.0 with a new version. U can repeat this to upload some more versions if it doesn’t work the first time.
– Open the documents context menu to view the version history of the document.

If I take above steps, all uploaded versions seem to have a different filesize, even though there’s nothing changed in the file itself. This could be metadata changing, but you would say that information only grows in size, while the file size both grows and shrinks.

If someone knows why this happens, please leave a comment here, I’m eager to find out!

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