Services.msc only displays Standard tab correctly / Project web panes problems

I faced a problem on my development machine. The following symptoms were visible:

1. The services.msc window only displayed the “standard” tab correctly. The extended / advanced tab was broken and only displayed the topleft blue bar. No text, no services, nothing.

2. In my Project installation (2007 office client) all the web panes broke. When I started one of those panes, an error displayed complaining about Srchui.dll and Jscript.dll not being registered properly. Those panes didn’t work at all

3. When I reset IE8, I also noticed adding a search provider didn’t work (JavaScript error).

That last error pointed into the direction of IE8, so I uninstalled it. And as magic, everything started working again. Then I reinstalled IE8 again and untill now everything still works properly. So I’m not sure about what exactly caused the problem, but removing and reinstalling IE8 did fix it.

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