Project 2007 and 2010 side by side

I’m playing around with the new 2010 apps a bit. Offcourse I’ve got a SharePoint 2010 environment in which I also added Project Server 2010. I’ve also installed the client, since the installation gave me the option to leave my existing 2007 installation in it’s place. Now for some reason, the 2010 client wouldn’t connect to the server. I’ve sent a frown smiley face to Microsoft (which is a feedback tool which ships with the Office betas) with the fault details, so hopefully someone will follow up on this.

Fortunately, uninstalling the 2010 beta fixed the 2007 error for me. I’m now again able to open and save projects to our 2007 project server environment. So for those of you wanting to try out the new 2010 beta’s, it’s probably best to use a VM of VPC image to install the client. Although the installer gives the suggestion that side by side operation is supported, it clearly doesn’t work too well.

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