Invalid URL error when adding action to ECTS

I tried adding an action to an external content type. I entered the URL as follows:{0}

Now SharePoint told me:

The Action URL is not valid. Either the URL format is not valid or the number of parameters in the URL is fewer than the number of parameters added to the action.

What did I do wrong? The URL is valid although you do need a valid login token to access the application. SharePoint doesn’t have that token but it shouldn’t, since the user requesting the URL will have a valid token. The only thing SharePoint needs to do is open the link in a new browser window.

Whoops… forgot to add an actual parameter for that {0} query parameter. So technically the error is incorrect, since I had one more parameter in the URL then I had in the action. The error should be something like “please check if your URL contains exactly the same amount of parameters as your action has.”


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