SP2010: Fixing Javascript / Ribbon errors

I had some users complaining about their Ribbon not working. When looking more closely, SharePoint was generating lot’s of JavaScript errors in IE8. I had no clue why (still don’t have really), but here are two solutions which you can try to fix this problem:

In web.config, make sure the following section exists:

<scriptResourceHandler enableCompression=”false” enableCaching=”true” />

First, make sure it’s not there already since that will generate errors. This fixed the problem for me.

Second, several others have reported that this might do the trick:

Lookup /_vti_bin/sts in IIS (for your SharePoint site of course). The application pool for that site will be set to ‘SecurityTokenApplicationPool’. Change that setting to match the application pool used for your site.

I wish I could explain more about the problem, but I really cannot. But hey, if these fixes work… 🙂

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