New Visual Studio uservoice request

I already blogged about a Visual Studio uservoice request sometime ago. Now… I´M BACK! With a new and shiny one. This time it´s about the Visual Studio Team Foundation Service preview which is online since BUILD. If you haven´t tried it yet; do so. It’s a very powerfull system which combines your entire ALM (Application Lifetime Management) into a single webbased system. It integrates with Visual Studio (of course), but you can use other systems too. And theres a link with Excel for reporting purposes, there’s really too much to tell.

But as with all software, there’s always room for improvement. So I added a uservoice item requesting for a way to group or categorize items on the product backlog. There isn’t a valid way to do this at the moment, and after a short thread on the forums, I decided to add a uservoice item. Feel my hurting? Then please vote it up so the team will look at it for a future version.

My uservoice request is located here:

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