[Azure] Deploying a Service Fabric cluster with custom SSL + client cert authentication

Within my current project we’re using Service Fabric in Azure to deploy a micro service (like) architecture. Upon a redesign of some parts of the solution, I decided to check whether I could improve our Service Fabric configuration. There were two things I wanted to achieve:

  1. Run the cluster on a custom URL, secured with a custom certificate.
  2. Use a client certificate for authentication of Azure DevOps deployments.

I’ll come to the why part of these requirements below.

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[Azure] Removing Debugger NAT rules for service fabric load balancer

Sometimes your project forces you to do something you rather wouldn’t: debug in staging or production. Although you should definitely try to avoid these situations, sometimes sh*t just happens and that’s fine. If your project is running on Service Fabric, Azure offers you the option to attach a debugger right from within Visual Studio. This is a very powerful option which creates a connection between VS and your service fabric nodes in order to communicate with the remote debugger.  Read More