Things Windows Phone should have

This post of mine is an oldie from back in 2013 when Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 were still fresh and hip. We’ve moved on and I really like Windows 10 up to now. I’ve been a Windows Insider since February 2014 so I’ve got some mileage running the latest insider builds on my ultrabook. Reactions are mixed, but I really like it (especially compared with Windows 8) although some parts do still feel like they’re unfinished or better yet: haven’t been touched.

Unfortunately Windows Phone 10 didn’t arrive to my HTC 8X untill it falsively did and bricked it, I’m again back running good old 8.1 But with Windows Phone 10 being released soon, I’m considering whether I should buy a Lumia 950 or not. And although I really want to, there are some things that are putting me off. Here is a list that Microsoft’s product group should consider, though I doubt they will ever read this post.  Read More