SharePoint and Analysis Services: The connection either timed out or was lost

In my last post, I wrote about enabling access to SQL Server Analysis cubes by specifying an account for impersonation. It now seems that’s not the way to go because I started receiving security validation errors with impersonation set to any account. I think that’s caused because SharePoint detects a difference between the user actually performing an action and the user being impersonated by ASP.NET.

So I went on searching for a way to enable access to Analysis Services. We don’t have a proper setup Kerberos environment, so that wasn’t an option. I tried giving read-only access to all domain users, but that wouldn’t work either. Then I came accross this article in which an explanation is given on howto provide a Single Sign On account for ODC connections. It’s a nice and clear article and it helped my solving this problem. Once you’ve setup SSO and specified an account for your SSAS cube, you can specify that SSO id in your ODC connection file and it’ll use the stored credentials to pick up data from Analysis Services. Works great!


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