Translation Search Server Express options in SharePoint Foundation

Lately I’ve been installing a lot of SharePoint Foundation environment. Mainly because it’s free and Dutch folks tend to be a bit cheap 😉 I’ve added Search Server Express 2010 to those installations to enhance the search options available to the users.

Now usually, I install english software so all management things are in English, that’s a lot better when searching for stuff on Google. So I get the English installation of SharePoint Foundation and apply a Dutch language pack to create sites in Dutch. Now for Search Server Express, there is a dutch download, but I couldn’t find any language packs for the English version. After installing Search Server Express and creating a search service instance, that leaves you with English links in your Dutch (or any other language) site.

The solution isn’t that well documented, but you need to download the “2010 Server Language Packs for SharePoint Server 2010, Project Server 2010, Search Server 2010, and Office Web Apps 2010” from here: Since Search Server Express is a subset of features from Search Server, the language pack will also translate the Search Server Express options.

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