SP2013: back-up failing with “Have tried to perform backup/restore operation twice on all in-sync members”

I ran into an error with back-up procedures on SP2013. The error in the log file was:

FaultException: Management called failed with System.InvalidOperationException: 'Job failed: Have tried to perform backup/restore operation twice on all in-sync members in cluster SPe6b9ae739be3.0, but none succeeded. Last failure message: Microsoft.Ceres.SearchCore.Seeding.SnapshotTransferException: Could not send chunk ms\%default\gen.0000000000000309.state: Localpath: [0-700> to target BackupDirectoryTarget[directory=\\backupshare\spbr0001\I.0.0,validateTransfers=False]
at Microsoft.Ceres.SearchCore.Seeding.SnapshotSender.SendChunks(ISnapshot snapshot, ISeedSource source, ISeedTarget target, SeedStatus status, Func`1 checkAborted, Int32 targetFragIndex)
at Microsoft.Ceres.SearchCore.Seeding.SnapshotSender.FirstPhaseTransfer(ISeedSource source, ISeedTarget target, Action`1 updateProgress, Func`1 shouldAbort)
at Microsoft.Ceres.SearchCore.Seeding.BackupWorker.BackupWork.DoFirstPhaseWork()' at at Microsoft.Ceres.SearchCore.IndexController.BackupService.ThrowOnFailure(JobStatus status)
at Microsoft.Ceres.SearchCore.IndexController.BackupService.ProgressFirstPhase(String handle)
at Microsoft.Ceres.SearchCore.IndexController.IndexControllerManagementAgent.WrapCall[T](Func`2 original)

Searching for this, I found several explanations. They all have one thing in common: it is search related (pretty obvious) and means that search was unable to write to the back-up location.

I seems that search handles a part of the back-up procedure from within it’s own processes. That is, the search service running on SharePoint servers. This means:

– Your search servers need to be able to access the share which is being used for the back-up.
– The service account running search needs to have permissions to write to that share.
– And there should be enough space left, but that’s a no-brainer I hope.

In my case, the second bullet was where my problem was. I granted the service account for search permissions to the share (Full Control), which solved the error. Same is mentioned in this blogpost by Amol Meshe, but he wasn’t sure on the answer.

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