Gold for Experts: certified!

Back in Holland again. Weather is great and I’ve spent the weekend getting some quality time with my girlfriend who’s still working hard trying to finish her study at the University of Leiden (very proud of her already!). A long weekend off was a good idea, allowed to me catch a breath from another busy week in Cambridge. Busy, but rewarding because last Friday everyone received their Gold for Experts certificate from Pierre Barnabé himself (COO of our Big Data & Security service line).  Read More

Gold For Experts, W02 – The round-up

It’s always nice to get back home after an information packed week. Especially when the temperature is somewhere around 16 – 17 degrees and there’s sun for a change. Spring seems to be peeking around the corner, which is nice after a dull winter (almost no snow, no ice skating, why do we even call it winter any more?).

The weather in Paderborn is probably better now too, all we saw was grey clouds. At least the clouds were somewhat appropriate. Wait, did I really make a cloud joke? Crap, time to move on… Read More

Gold for Experts, W02D02

If I were to count Sunday, which I probably could since I left around noon and most other guys left way more early, we’re already half way through this week of Gold for Experts. So time is flying once again, which is partially due to the ever so great weissbier they serve here in Germany. But I’m not here to talk about beer, there’s plenty of time for that when I leave for wintersport in 2,5 weeks 😉 Instead, I’m here to talk day one and two of GFE @ Paderborn.

For those who missed it (again), here are parts one and twoRead More

Gold for Experts; week 2!

I’m coming from you live from Paderborn Germany, where we will have our second week of Gold for Experts. For those of you who missed my previous blog about the first week, you can find it here.

It was always my plan to blog kind of live, but since my previous provider messed up my WordPress install, that didn’t go too well. It’s alive and kicking again now that I found a new provider so this week should be better. Don’t worry though, I’ll probably won’t spam you with a new update each day but do some write-ups during the week.

It’s been very nice to hear that some people have actually read the previous blog and found it usefull. Got some nice comments of colleagues on the same intake as myself, as well as colleagues who have been selected for intake 4 (starting in 3 weeks). That has been and is my goal for these series; give you guys an impression on what Gold is all about. So thanks for the nice comments again, and let’s get started with week 2 already!

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