Gold for Experts: certified!

Back in Holland again. Weather is great and I’ve spent the weekend getting some quality time with my girlfriend who’s still working hard trying to finish her study at the University of Leiden (very proud of her already!). A long weekend off was a good idea, allowed to me catch a breath from another busy week in Cambridge. Busy, but rewarding because last Friday everyone received their Gold for Experts certificate from Pierre Barnabé himself (COO of our Big Data & Security service line).  Of course the Friday was the climax of the entire programme, where we were presenting our projects to Pierre, but also Wim Los (Senior Vice President at Canopy) and Hubert Tardieu (CEO advisor to Thierry Breton). But of course, we did more than just that. In between the sessions, our social activity for Wednesday was punting (I did spell it correctly in my last post…). By boat, we saw the beautiful college buildings Cambridge has to offer from another perspective. The weather was great as you can see on the following photo I took (one of many): That evening, we had another college dinner. This time, Newnham college opened it’s doors to our group and had we found ourselves dining in this awesome hall: Needless to say that was also a great experience although I must add that the food was maybe not as superb as you might expect in such an ambiance. After dinner, some of us ended up in town having some pints. Maybe a few too many as my Thursday morning was a tough one, but it all turned out fine. That Thursday evening, our project group rehearsed our presentation and tweaked it for a tiny bit to have it absolutely right. I had agreed to present together with my Brazilian colleague Alan, and so we did. I was pretty nervous, but according to my colleagues not noticeable. Good to know I’m capable of doing that in front of such an audience! I’m very proud of our achievement as the jury comment said we had a “perfect presentation”. We already knew up front that our project would probably not be the best one, so having at least a good presentation was exactly what I was hoping for! 🙂 And so I ended up being awarded with the certificate that concludes the course. Proud to have done so and grateful for being granted the opportunity. Thanks again, Luc! And now to see where the future bring me next. I’ll conclude with some more photo’s. That’s it for my blogs on Gold for Experts. Thanks for reading!

Getting my certificate presented by Pierre Barnabé.
Special thanks to my special photographer Yannick who for once joined me in front of the camera instead of being behind it 🙂
Dinner time for team 2!
Team 2 from left to right: me, Sabyasachi, Patrick, Alan and Michael.
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