Gold for Experts, W02D02

If I were to count Sunday, which I probably could since I left around noon and most other guys left way more early, we’re already half way through this week of Gold for Experts. So time is flying once again, which is partially due to the ever so great weissbier they serve here in Germany. But I’m not here to talk about beer, there’s plenty of time for that when I leave for wintersport in 2,5 weeks 😉 Instead, I’m here to talk day one and two of GFE @ Paderborn.

For those who missed it (again), here are parts one and two

Yesterday we went to the University for the first time. It’s a rather new building located at the ‘Zukunfstmeile’ (Future Mile). After a short introduction by Simon Oberthür, our host at Paderborn this week, we got down to business. Or value chains actually, and how to use them within your business. This was a topic we’d already learned about in Cambridge so it was a good bridge to get back into the program again and continue where we left off (kind of).

The first half of the afternoon was reserved for the topic of security. Not really something I usually deal with, but still most of the stuff that came by I already knew to some extent. There was some nice information on encryption and performing actions on already encrypted data. Nice to know, but not sure whether I’ll ever use any of that information in real life. The remainder of the afternoon was left to talk about our projects with some experts. We had a chance to talk to Michèle, our project tutor, and Johannes who presented the security session (security is an important part of our project). Apart from exchanging some usefull information about our projects, we also found out which restaurant we could visit on Tuesday for a nice dinner.

The Monday dinner was served back at the hotel, where I told Yannick I would put a picture of my crème brulée on my blog. So Yannick, here it is, especially for you:

y the way, I like the crème brulée from my mom better…

Today (Tuesday) was a big day as we would present our project elevator pitches to two Atos CTO’s (Guy Lidbetter and Jürgen Müller). But before all that, the morning sessions were all about Big Data. The first one was pretty generic, but the second session really got into how big data systems operate and why they’re good at what they do. Again, maybe not something I’ll use on a day-to-day basis but this was some usefull background info on the topic from my perspective.

After lunch the time came for the elevator pitches. Patrick had volunteered in our team to present our pitch and he did an awesome job on that. We all were pretty pleased with the result and judging by the feedback we got it went pretty well! There was no ranking or grades but at least we had some sort of verification that we are on the right path!

After the pitches the floor was for Guy and Jürgen who presented their vision on the future of Atos and its customers. I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to put all of that information on my blog, so I’ll won’t. What I can say though is that I was pretty surprised about the way they would like to change the company and the future they think we’re heading to. It aligned with my personal vision a lot more than I would have imaged before I attended this session. Now of course the question will be what will actually happen… only time will tell I guess.

We spend the evening at the Paderborner Brauhaus, a pretty nice restaurant with good food and drinks for a very decent price. And after a short walk back to the hotel, I’m now in my hotel room writing this blog post. I must say that I have only a few foto’s, so I’ll try to get some more images on here for the next blogs. Thanks for reading once again, expect one or two more posts covering this week of Gold for Experts! 🙂

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