Gold for Experts; week 2!

I’m coming from you live from Paderborn Germany, where we will have our second week of Gold for Experts. For those of you who missed my previous blog about the first week, you can find it here.

It was always my plan to blog kind of live, but since my previous provider messed up my WordPress install, that didn’t go too well. It’s alive and kicking again now that I found a new provider so this week should be better. Don’t worry though, I’ll probably won’t spam you with a new update each day but do some write-ups during the week.

It’s been very nice to hear that some people have actually read the previous blog and found it usefull. Got some nice comments of colleagues on the same intake as myself, as well as colleagues who have been selected for intake 4 (starting in 3 weeks). That has been and is my goal for these series; give you guys an impression on what Gold is all about. So thanks for the nice comments again, and let’s get started with week 2 already!

To be honest, the view from my hotel room and a quick sightseeing tour of the region was a bit less impressive than Cambridge. Nonetheless, Paderborn is home to a big university which has close ties with Nixdorf, Siemens and thus Atos. So not judging the book by it’s cover yet, we’re bound to learn a thing or two over here. The program of the second week is a bit more focussed on the tech side of things, although there is plenty of room in the schedule for business related topics as well. We’ll also be visiting the computer museum (which is the largest in the word) and going out for a real culinary dinner.

WP_20150301_004The somewhat less impressive view from my hotel room window

An important item in this weeks planning is the elevator pitch our project has to deliver. Patrick has kindly volunteered to do so and I think we did a pretty good job at creating a presentation to give an overview of our project. Why it’s there and how we’re planning on creating the end result. I’ll won’t go into details as that would be a blog post on its own (which I might do in the future).

Having checked-in and after a small beer in the hotel bar we got a short introduction of the area and the University by professor Engels. After that, Katrijn teached us about enabling and limiting beliefs and how to use both to your advantage. Started out a bit fuzzy but got to an interesting end. Luckily, I’m someone who isn’t stressed out too quickly. My motto is: my best should be good enough. And if it isn’t, the person who hired me perhaps made the wrong choice.

B_BpW74WkAA97JtKatrijn teaching us about beliefs, believe it or not…

Anyway, being not stressed I am still going to take a nice relaxing shower. We’re leaving tomorrow at eight to head to the University for what is officially day one. I will return to you with another update somewhere later this week. Bye!


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