Patents and bitching

Today I stumbled upon this post @ Engadget, telling a story about Google and Microsoft, bitching towards each other about patents and why their competitors are unfriendly and playing unfair.

Earlier this week, I saw this video on Youtube, which claims to be a Microsoft video meant to ridicule the way Gmail places context aware ads on each page. I must admit the video made me laugh, although it’s kind of childish to attack your opponent in way like this. The absence of Microsoft logo’s (apart from the Contoso building they’re in) and legal statements make me wonder if this is actually made by Microsoft, or by some company wanting to feed the flaming a bit.

Anway, it seems as though the big ones (Microsoft, Google, Apple) are in a proper bitchfight around all the new stuff they’re releasing like cloud solutions, phones and mail apps. Not a week goes by without new articles about lawsuits being started and others getting settled for bizarre ammounts of money. The result of this seems to be that the money is shifting round and round, they’re all spending enormous ammounts of time on these issues and the consumers have to wait longer for more new stuff to come out (altough I’m not particularly dissapointment by the release rate of current products).

Guys, if you have that much money to burn (Apple actually has more money then the USA does… proof), do something usefull with it please. I don’t know, build a spaceship, irrigate Africa, send me some; all fine! But quit the bitching and start doing what you’re supposed to do: amaze and help people getting to a proper 21th century. Thanks.

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