I’m going Dutch!

Untill now, I’ve written all my blog posts in English. That’s because this blog was used for tech stuff (or actually jsiegmund.wordpress.com was the place for that) and I wrote my social stuff elsewhere. But because it’s all me and I wanted people to find me and my stories more easily, I decided I needed to change that. So from this day on, I’m going to use this, my blog, for all of my sharing needs. That means there will still be technical articles (marked as such), but there will also be social stuff. And those social blogs will be in Dutch. Probably.

So for those of you following me via RSS or otherwise; please update your feed and add filters if you’d like to. I’ll be categorising every tech post in Technical, and all social things in Social. Maybe there will be some more categories, maybe there won’t be. We’ll see.

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